The Farmer’s Voice: Barriers and Drivers to Technology Adoption

DEMETER in association with SVG Ventures | THRIVE is organizing an online event titled ‘The Farmer’s Voice: Discussing Drivers and Barriers to Technology Adoption’ on 31st March at 2-3.30PM (CET). The webinar will share results of the recent DEMETER survey which aimed to better understand farmers’ needs, interests and concerns regarding the adoption and use of Smart Farming Technologies.

Farmers and technology providers will join a panel discussion to consider some of the key issues uncovered from the survey and what more can be done to further encourage technology adoption.

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The Agenda for the session:

Welcome & Introduction -Kevin Doolin, DEMETER Project Coordinator

The results of the DEMETER Farmer Survey -Dave Hearne, Walton Institute

Panel Discussions moderated by Ethan Cleary, Irish Farmer’s Association

Panel Discussion 1:  Building the Right Environment for Technology Adoption

  • Erland Kjesbu, Dairy Farmer, Norway
  • Slobodan Spasovski, Association of Producers of grapes and wine of geographical origin “SREM – FRUSKA GORA”
  • Nono Sekhoto, Farmer, South Africa & CEO of GrowthShoot
  • Senka Gajinov, Product Manager, DunavNET
  • Morteza Abdipourchenarestansofla, Product Engineer, John Deere


Panel Discussion 2:  Building the Path towards Sustainability

  • Edvard Shermadini, Apple Farmer, Georgia
  • Shalini Seaton, Farmer, Jamaica
  • Alexander Berlin, CEO of Berlin Thinking
  • Eva Muntion, RTDI and Tragsa


Q&A sessions

Farmer – Driven Innovation to overcome adoption barriers, Ambra Raggi, Policy Officer, World Farmers Organisation

Lessons learnt from global Agritech providers, Danny O’Brien, SVG Ventures | THRIVE

Wrap Up & Conclusion -Kevin Doolin, DEMETER Project Coordinator

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