The H2020 DEMETER project is a large-scale deployment of farmer-driven, interoperable smart farming-IoT (Internet of Things) based platforms, delivered through a series of 20 pilots across 18 countries (15 EU countries). Involving 60 partners, DEMETER adopts a multi-actor approach across the value chain (demand and supply), with 25 deployment sites, 6,000 farmers and over 38,000 devices and sensors being deployed.



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DEMETER’s goal is to lead the digital transformation of Europe’s agri-food sector through the rapid adoption of advanced IoT technologies, data science and smart farming, ensuring its long-term viability and sustainability.

Our key objective is to empower farmers and farmer cooperatives to a) use their existing platforms and machinery to extract new knowledge to improve their decision making and b) ease the acquisition, evolution and updating of their platforms, machinery and sensors by focusing their investments where these are needed.

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In the DEMETER project, pilots are used to demonstrate and evaluate how innovations and extended capabilities benefit from the interoperability mechanisms employed. Equally, these pilots monitor the evolution of the maturity level in the stakeholders involved. These pilots have been organised into five major clusters.


As part of the DEMETER project, workshops and events are organised relating to key themes and project deliverables. Upcoming events related to the project and the agri-food sector are outlined below.

Romanian Farmers participating in DEMETER


Interview Series: The Farmer Impact.

DEMETER’s aims to put digital means at the service of farmers. With this in mind, we catch up with one of the farmers invovled in our pilot project focused on…

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Events / News

DEMETER paper on Machine Learning for olive phenology prediction presented at GIOTS.

The DEMETER pilot project focusing on Decision Support Systems to support olive growing was presented recently at the virtual Global IoT Summit (GIOTS). The presentation and paper focused on ‘Machine…

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Interview Series: Corn Management & Decision Support Platform Pilot – SIMAVI & APPR

We chat to Mircea Predut from Software Imagination & Vision S.R.L. (SIMAVI) and Cristina Cionga from APPR to learn more about the pilot project they are working on in Cluster…

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📽️How can the digitalisation of the agrifood sector help address the twin challenge of resilience and sustainability? In this video, we explain how SmartAgriHubs helps increase the sector's efficiency when faced by an exogenous shock as we see today:

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