Expanding the vineyard pilots in Montenegro

University of Donja Gorica (UDG) and DunavNET (DNET) further engaged wine makers in Montenegro. UDG and DNET are expanding the vineyard pilots in Montenegro by installing equipment and the AgroNET digital farming platform in the Ivanovic winery near Podgorica.

The vineyard is spread out over two lots, each around 20,000 square meters and the installed equipment includes a weather station, soil moisture sensors and pheromone traps with cameras. All of the measurements were collected using a single LoRa gateway and AgroNET system. Representatives from the winery are interested in digital tools, integration of different tools and access via one single platform. Being the only vineyard and winery that produces organic grapes and organic wine in Montenegro, they really want to be able to monitor as many parameters of the process as possible.