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June 2020

DEMETER features in WFO Newsletter, F@rmLetter

The latest edition of the WFO F@rmLetter focuses on how agriculture has been impacted by COVID-19.  DEMETER can help by putting digital means at the service of farmers.

April 2020

Coldiretti promotes DEMETER and interoperability between digital agriculture systems

Project partner, Coldiretti, promotes the aims of DEMETER to support the digital transformation of the European agri-food sector.  DEMETER considers the need to make the already numerous technological solutions on the market interoperable, thus avoiding the user having to resort to a multiplicity of systems, models, interfaces.

Coldiretti supports DEMETER

February 2020

DEMETER presented at IEEE IT2020 Conference at Zabljak, Montenegro

DEMETER was presented at the IEEE IT2020 conference in a special session dedicated to digital transformation of agriculture and food supply chain.

October 2019

DEMETER presented at the European Big Data Value Forum

At the European Big Data Value Forum in Helsinki, DEMETER was outlined as part of the presentation ‘Advancing the agri-food value chain from large scale deployment and integrations of platforms’ by Kevin Doolin, project co-ordinator and TSSG.

Big Data Value Forum 

September 2019

DEMETER will digitally transform Europe’s agri-food sector

The DEMETER project will monitor plant and animal products from farm to fork and increase on-farm profitability.

September 2019

A Multi Actor Approach to promote the employment of IoT in Agriculture – Global IoT Summit

This paper elaborates on an innovative Multi-Actor Approach architecture that assists farmers to take better decisions and enables them to harness the full value of their own data and knowledge aiming to promote the adoption of the Internet of Things in the agrifood sector.

September 2019

E17m DEMETER project will digitally transform Europe’s agrifood sector

The ‘Demeter’ programme will demonstrate how field and plant sensors, weather stations, and monitoring and control devices can support sustainable, safe-farming and food-production systems.

May 2020

DEMETER Open Calls presented at Coimbra Sustainability Summit

At the Coimbra Sustainability Summit webinar in May 2020, Plenary Session 4 focused on the Funding Landscape. DEMETER’s Open Calls were presented by Miguel Goncalves, F6S.

April 2020

Romanian Maize Growers Association share DEMETER newsletter

The Romanian Maize Growers Association share the DEMETER newsletter with their stakeholders.

October 2019

Vicomtech profiles DEMETER

DEMETER project partner, Vicomtech, profiles DEMETER and the project objectives.  As part of DEMETER, Vicomtech is collaborating with industrial and applied research partners all over Europe to develop and verify a library of predictive models for the forecasting and the optimization arable farming and horticulture.

October 2019

Annual report of the Romanian Maize Growers Association features DEMETER

The Romanian Maize Growers Association profiled DEMETER in their 2019 Annual Report.

September 2019

Irish tech experts create smart online protections for precision farming

The international push for the digitisation of agriculture coupled with the emergence of the Precision Agriculture concept promises a paradigm shift across the entire agricultural supply chain, from farm to fork

September 2019

Ubiwhere presents DEMETER, building an interoperable and sustainable agri-food sector

The DEMETER project was launched at the beginning of this month. Its ultimate goal is to potentiate a secure and sustainable European IoT technology and business ecosystem, that transforms the agri-food sector in the EU and eventually, in the whole world.

September 2019

Agri-Tech Experts Gather In Waterford For Demeter Project Launch

Agricultural technology experts from across the globe gathered in Waterford this week for the launch of a new project that will digitally transform Europe’s agri-food sector and support vibrant rural areas.