Open Call 2 Pilots


Open Call #2, DEPLOY,  aimed to increase the outreach of the DEMETER value proposition by funding small consortia of 2-3 partners for the deployment of new, high-value pilots in the agri-food sector.

These pilots focus on employing DEMETER methodologies and technologies, addressing clear farmer needs, with particular focus on EU geographic regions not currently represented within DEMETER pilots: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia and Sweden.

In total, 60 applications were received, and 5 pilots/proposals were selected to join the DEMETER project.


Successful Open call #2 pilot projects:

5 pilots were selected to join the DEMETER project.


Tools for water-saving and field management of Cypriot vineyards

CYPRUSAVES aims to address current and future water shortage and agricultural environment protection through sustainable manage of soil, nutrients, and pesticide use.


Determine optimal harvest time window for hemp fields

The aim of the pilot is to help the huge potential of flax to be fully used, by helping the farmers in determining the best time window to harvest a specific field of hemp.


Green energy management for green farms

Controlling the electricity use and cost for water pumps and cold warehouses is a crucial task for vegetable farmers in Eastern Austria. Electricity costs often make up a large portion of operating costs
for vegetable farmers.


Pesticide Environmental Fate Analysis

The challenge of PENFA project is to support decision making on pesticide use among agricultural producers, through the identification of the plants’ response to environmental stress conditions that affect pesticide breakdown


Herbicide Efficacy Analytic System for Sustainable Weed Control

HEMS aim to empower farmers by providing them with insights for a more sustainable and responsible use of herbicides.  HEMS proposes a low-cost, and easy-to-adopt internet of things (IoT) system