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DEMETER presented at farm event in Slovenia

On Friday 9th September, DEMETER partners participated in an annual farming event “Kmečki svetek” in Slovenia. ICT Cluster and DIH Agrifood presented DEMETER project pilots and associated results to interested participants at a booth during the event. The audience consisted of farmers, agricultural experts, industry representatives and students with over 100 participants in attendance. One...

DEMETER Pilot User Satisfaction Survey

The DEMETER Pilot User Satisfaction Survey assesses the DEMETER pilots round 1 from the pilot farmers’ perspective
Events News

The Farmer’s Voice: Barriers and Drivers to Technology Adoption

DEMETER in association with SVG Ventures | THRIVE is organizing an online event titled ‘The Farmer’s Voice: Discussing Drivers and Barriers to Technology Adoption’ on 31st March at 2-3.30PM (CET). The webinar will share results of the recent DEMETER survey which aimed to better understand farmers’ needs, interests and concerns regarding the adoption and use of Smart Farming Technologies....