ELGO: DEMETER H2020 Farming School

The Hellenic Agricultural Organisation (ELGO) provided valuable agricultural education through initiatives under the framework of the DEMETER H2020 Farming School held on August 31, 2023 at the Kalochori Experimental Station near Thessaloniki, Greece. This full-day farming school aims to transfer knowledge and build skills for the next generation of farmers. Participants learned sustainable techniques from expert instructors across a 15 acre hands-on teaching farm focused on cultivation of olive groves, vineyards, fruits, and vegetables. Aspiring farmers gained practical experience in topics like integrated pest management, efficient irrigation, soil management, harvest and post-harvest management, animal husbandry, and agricultural machinery operation. The school utilized demonstration plots, greenhouse labs, livestock facilities, and machinery parks to provide an immersive learning environment. Participants left equipped with strategies and best practices to implement precision agriculture and agroecology approaches on their own farms and smallholdings across Central Macedonia, Greece.

Watch the video below to learn more.