Results of the DEMETER farmer survey

Earlier this year we sent a survey to the farmers actively trialling hardware and software in the DEMETER pilots to better understand their needs, interests, and concerns regarding the DEMETER project and in terms of the wider category of smart farming technologies. 20 pilot projects are running across 18 European countries. This survey was translated into the local language of the pilot farmers and shared with them via email.

A report summarising the results is available here.

2 thoughts on “Results of the DEMETER farmer survey

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  2. […] DEMETER uses a multi actor approach (MAA) focusing on real problems or opportunities that farmers, and other end-users who need a solution are facing. Listening to farmers’ needs, interests and concerns is an essential process to ensure that DEMETER’s final solutions address real challenges. To understand these needs and concerns, a survey was conducted in February 2021 with farmers participating in DEMETER. A full report on the results is available here. […]

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