The Importance of Farm Advisors in the roll out of Digital Technologies

Farm advisors are important actors in the roll out of digital technologies.  Dr. Teresa Hooks of H2020 project FAIRshare discusses the farm advisors’ role and how the project is directly addressing the need to engage advisors. The advance of digital technologies has grown substantially in recent times and this has become even more apparent during...

‘The incentives and barriers to farmers’ adoption of digital technologies’

Ambra Raggi, Policy Officer at World Farmers’ Organisation[1] Farmers are called to feed the world while immense pressures weigh on them: a growing world population, the fight against climate change, the urbanization and the loss of agricultural soils are just some of the challenges farmers face. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 adds additional pressure on...

Digital Around the World Forum – A Global 24-hour Conference

For its 10th anniversary, the IoT Forum is launching a new 24 hours non-stop virtual conference that will roll over the World to run a quite unique event on emerging technologies and digital transformation. The event will bring together experts from all continents to present and discuss the latest technological innovations and trends in digital transformation:...