Interview: Maria K Doula PhD, Research Director BPI, Greece

We asked Maria to tell us about her work in the Laboratory of Non-Parasitic Diseases, Soil Resources and Geoinformatics, her role in CypruSaves project, and her thoughts on the adoption of Smart Farming Technology by farmers. CAN YOU TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR ORGANISATION AND YOUR INVOLVEMENT IN THE OPEN CALL 2 (OC2) PILOT...

My experience of conducting a PhD in agriculture

Grainne Dilleen is an Assistant Lecturer in Digital Marketing, South East Technological University, Ireland, and worked as Communication and Dissemination manager for DEMETER.  Photo caption: Cheryl Baldwin and Grainne Dilleen at the 2021 .eu Web Awards My PhD journey started in South East Technological University, Ireland in late 2019, funded by the DEMETER project. It...