Looking back at DEMETER activities in 2022

DEMETER’s goal is to lead the digital transformation of Europe’s agri-food sector through the rapid adoption of advanced IoT technologies, data science and smart farming, ensuring its long-term viability and sustainability.  We focus on interoperability as the main digital enabler. As DEMETER enters its final year, we look at back at 2022 and some of...

DEMETER Pilot User Satisfaction Survey

The DEMETER Pilot User Satisfaction Survey assesses the DEMETER pilots round 1 from the pilot farmers’ perspective

DEMETER Pilot Project Booklet

The DEMETER pilot projects are used to demonstrate and evaluate how innovations and extended capabilities benefit from the interoperability mechanisms. The pilots, running across 18 European countries, are also used to monitor the evolution of the maturity in the stakeholders involved. 20 pilot projects, grouped into 5 clusters, are running across: Arable crops Precision farming...