New White Paper: Decision Support, Benchmarking and Performance Indicator Monitoring Tools

To enable the achievement of the DEMETER objectives, and to promote the targeted technological, business, adoption and socio-economic impacts, DEMETER is designing and developing a targeted decision support system (DSS) enabling the delivery of tailored advisory services to the agricultural sector. This DSS combines the data analytics from WP2 (Work Package 2 – Data and...

Benchmarking at Farm Level Decision Support System- Pilot Project

In this blog post, we learn more about Pilot 2.4 ‘Benchmarking at Farm Level Decision Support System’. Pilot Overview This pilot aims at developing services to support the benchmarking on the productivity and sustainability performance of the farms, leveraging and extending existing decision support system for farmers (DSS). This will involve monitoring different conditions and...

Interview Series: Fabienne Seibold, John Deere

In this edition of our interview series, we catch up with Fabienne Seibold from John Deere. Fabienne is the leader of the Pilot Cluster 2 within DEMETER. The cluster focuses on arable crops but specifically on the usage of agricultural machinery and the establishment of precision farming. The pilots concentrate on monitoring arable crops through...