New White Paper: Decision Support, Benchmarking and Performance Indicator Monitoring Tools

To enable the achievement of the DEMETER objectives, and to promote the targeted technological, business, adoption and socio-economic impacts, DEMETER is designing and developing a targeted decision support system (DSS) enabling the delivery of tailored advisory services to the agricultural sector. This DSS combines the data analytics from WP2 (Work Package 2 – Data and Knowledge) with AI-based expert system, machine learning and benchmarking techniques to provide precision decision support to the users.

In particular, benchmarking tools provide feedback to the pilots and farmers based on performance indicators to evaluate the agronomic, environmental and economic sustainability of the practises adopted. For this purpose, a minimum set of indicators to be calculated with data available at the pilot level, will be adopted. The benchmark tools implement a set of flexible rules to define the optimal list of farms with similar condition according with size, environmental, and economic conditions, type of farming activities.

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