Benchmarking at Farm Level Decision Support System- Pilot Project

In this blog post, we learn more about Pilot 2.4 ‘Benchmarking at Farm Level Decision Support System’.

Pilot Overview

This pilot aims at developing services to support the benchmarking on the productivity and sustainability performance of the farms, leveraging and extending existing decision support system for farmers (DSS).

This will involve monitoring different conditions and parameters affecting such indicators, collecting the data and integrating it in a unified layer accessible by the DSS.

The Pilot will be deployed in 10 sites with different farms sizes:

  • 5 small farms
  • 3 medium farms
  • 2 big farms

The Approach

The pilot provides a simple to use benchmarking system that will allow the use of ICT and IoT technologies in practical management and decision support, with a focus on data integration. This will be done by adopting Linked Data as a federated layer, complemented with security mechanisms, and implementing computational benchmarking models with interfaces that reuse/extend existing decision support and farm management systems (as an added value feature).

Model of the target application solution in the pilot

Who’s involved?

WODR, PSNC, IERiGZ and farmers are all involved in this pilot project.

The Expected Benefits

Facilitation of farm management at various levels of production volumes and types is expected to help with decision making for farmers by using a broad spectrum of data. This will also improve farmers’ access to comparable data from his own farm with others. Data will be aggregated at the farm advisory system level. All activities are also aimed at increasing the knowledge of farmers and accessibility of digital skills.