Data issues impacting technology adoption

Smart Farming Technology (SFT) has been recognised as a potential solution to many of the challenges that the agriculture sector is facing. Crucial to the adoption of SFT is understanding farmers’ needs, interests and concerns regarding the adoption and use of such technology. In late 2021, DEMETER conducted a survey to better understand the barriers...

DEMETER launches 2nd Open Call for innovative solutions

The Horizon 2020 project, DEMETER, has announced the launch of its 2nd Open Call, DEPLOY, with a total budget of €740,000 available. DEMETER aims to lead the digital transformation of Europe’s agri-food sector through the rapid adoption of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, data science and smart farming ensuring the industry’s long-term viability and...

Future of Digital Agriculture at IoT Week 2021

IoT Week is a 5-day conference where leaders from the worlds of business, tech and science shed light on the future of technology and its impact on business and life. On September 1st, 2021, two sessions ran which were dedicated to digital agriculture and moderated by DEMETER project coordinator, Kevin Doolin. The agriculture sector faces...