An update on the Agriculture Information Model

The DEMETER Agriculture Information Model (AIM) is a data model and ontology that describes all data needed by DEMETER applications and the usage of which ensures semantic interoperability between data and various components. AIM provides the common data model (language) that allows different, existing (or new) systems and devices to talk to each other and...

Standardisation for results’ continuity and impact leverage

Achieving excellent project outcomes like DEMETER naturally brings questions about the solutions’ sustainability and integration into the broader ecosystem. One of the scaling factors that leverage vast adoption potential is solution accessibility for the general community. Standardisation is one of the tools that multiplicate potential, ensuring stability, lowering the cost of implementation, and avoiding vendor...

DEMETER Technical Update – Thanasis Poulakidas, Integration Manager

We had significant developments on the technical front during the first year of DEMETER. After developing the overall DEMETER reference architecture, the first version of the DEMETER integration platform and tools has now been released. Its main components are: the Stakeholder Open Collaboration Space (SOCS), where farmers, experts and other stakeholders come together to collaborate...