Open Call Winners announced

Announcement of the Open Call Winners

The DEMETER Open Call #1, DEVELOP, aimed to attract and engage startups and SMEs with technology products that can be implemented within the agro-business sector. Five specific challenges were addressed by the Open Call.

In total, 61 applications were received from 21 countries. Following a review of the proposals, we are delighted to announce the winners as:

Topic 1: Soil workability and humidity monitoring
  • W4A-SoilWorkability (Italy)
  • SoilSignal (UK)
  • SOILY (Slovenia)
Topic 2: Interoperable Geo Tagged Photo App
  • CAP/P (Germany)
Topic 3: ISOBUS enabler
Topic 4: Blockchain-based solutions for agricultural applications
  • PerSePHOnE (Italy)
Topic 5: DEMETER Business process integration (BPM)
  • CollectGood (Turkey)
  • OPTIFLAXIT (Belgium)


Thank you to everyone who submitted their proposals.

We are looking forward to learning more about the selected ideas and the teams behind them.

More information on each of the proposals will feature on the website soon.

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  1. […] s.r.l. e il suo progetto PerSePHOnE è tra i vincitori dell’Open Call #1 – DEVELOP in Demeter, il progetto Horizon 2020 (857202) supportato […]

  2. […] s.r.l. and its PerSePHOnE project is among the winners of the Demeter Open Call #1 – DEVELOP. Demeter is a Horizon 2020 project (857202) supported by […]

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