DEMETER & ATLAS discussed at SmartAgriFood event

DEMETER and our sister project ATLAS were discussed at a recent event in Italy ‘Smart Agrifood: Condivisione e Informazione, Gli Ingredienti per L’Innovazione’ (SmartAgrifood: sharing and information, ingredients for innovation) held on the 5th March 2021. The event presented the results of the research on digital farming in Italy conducted by the Digital Innovation Observatory on smart agriculture of the School of Management of Politecnico of Milano.  The School has several observatories with one specialising in the smart agrifood sector.

During one of the speeches, the theme of the importance of the integration of data coming from different devices and different suppliers, and their interoperability was discussed. The speaker explained that the Observatory analysed several platforms which addressed the issue of integration/interoperability. They analysed 25 platforms  from different countries and found that most are already on the market, or under testing/projecting. 

Most are private initiatives but also some public ones emerged such as ATLAS and DEMETER, highlighting EU-funded initiatives aimed at integrating data coming from different sources, with a vision not only towards farmers, but also allowing data sharing among all actors of the supply chain.