New White Paper on DEMETER Multi Actor Approach

Technology is increasingly becoming an everyday necessity in agriculture. Novel technology can be found all over today’s farms, measuring animal behaviour, air and soil humidity or counting the number of fruit flies that occupy a land parcel. At the same time, the Agri-Tech environment is saturated with digital products from a diverse landscape of technology providers, often using their own proprietary data standards and solutions. In order to develop a solution that promotes interoperability and standardisation, while at the same time delivering true business value to all stakeholders of the agri-chain – from farm to fork –  a new approach to technology development had to be applied.

DEMETER follows an interactive innovation model as developed by the agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) and fosters the development of research and the uptake of innovations into operational applications and the creation of new ideas thanks to interactions between actors (“cross-fertilisation”), sharing knowledge, expertise, capabilities and a wide range of “components” (software, hardware, machinery, sensors, data sources etc). The interactive innovation model is implemented through the “multi-actor approach” (MAA). The “multi-actor approach” aims to make innovation fully demand-driven, involving various actors during the whole cycle.

Read the white paper detailing our multi-actor approach here.