New White Paper – Benchmarking and Performance Indicator Monitoring Tools

DEMETER aims to lead the Digital Transformation of the European Agrifood sector based on the rapid adoption of advanced technologies, such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Decision Support (DSS), Benchmarking, Earth Observation, etc., to increase performance in multiple aspects of farming operations, as well as to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the sector. It aims to put these digital technologies at the service of farmers using a human-in-the-loop approach that constantly focuses on mixing human knowledge and expertise with digital information.

The Benchmarking and Performance Indicator Monitoring Tools (hereafter Benchmarking) aim to provide end-users with tools to evaluate the productivity and the sustainability of the practices adopted, as well as the efficacy of the developed digital solutions. The benchmarking components will enable the comparison for individual and peer to peer learning, linked to the impact of operational processes brought by DEMETER.

To provide a benchmarking system that can be used by all the pilots, a minimum set of indicators covering pilots’ activities has been established and constraints relating to data availability at the farm level have been addressed. Based on these indicators, the Benchmark tools will provide feedback about the agronomic, environmental, and economic sustainability of the practices adopted and of the technologies delivered within DEMETER.

Read the full white paper here.