Digital Around the World Forum – A Global 24-hour Conference

For its 10th anniversary, the IoT Forum is launching a new 24 hours non-stop virtual conference that will roll over the World to run a quite unique event on emerging technologies and digital transformation. The event will bring together experts from all continents to present and discuss the latest technological innovations and trends in digital transformation: from the Internet of Things, to 5G, network virtualization and smart services.

The event takes place from October 20-October 21. 

Scope and Application Domains

Digital Around the World invites you to a digital journey across:

  1. Emerging technologies for digital transformation:
    • with lead experts and industries from Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to 5G, network virtualization and smart industries
  2. Technologies for the Good:
    • for eHealth and smart economy to overcome the Covid-19 crisis
    • for sustainable development by preserving the environment and our resources
    • for a privacy and data protection by design digital world
  3. International Cooperation in the Research and Innovation domain 

A farmer-centric approach for a data-driven transformation of Agriculture

DEMETER is leading the session on Digital Agriculture titled ‘A farmer-centric approach for a data-driven transformation of Agriculture’. Digital technologies are reshaping many domains, being agriculture one of them. The massive deployment of IoT devices provides access to a huge amount of data that can be used to take smarter decisions at several levels. However, a lot of challenges remain to ensure the potential impact of digital transformation in the sector. What has to be done in the cloud and what on the edge? How do we cope with connectivity problems? How can we ensure interoperability between platforms and systems and avoid lock-in situations? How can we foster data sharing if trusted environments are still to be created and stakeholders do not perceive the value but the risk in doing so? This session will look at these questions and some others in different eyes by giving voice to technology players, but also to the farmers of several regions of the world. Different solutions and approaches proposed by relevant projects in the domain as well as use cases will be shared and discussed openly with the audience.

More information is available: