Developing solutions within DEMETER – new webinar

Our Open Call #1, DEVELOP, aimed to attract and engage startups and SMEs with technology products that can be implemented within the agro-business sector. Five specific challenges were addressed and funded by the Open Call.

On June 1st from 11-12.30 (CEST) we hear from the 9 agritech SMEs that were selected as the winners to learn more about their solutions and how they integrated with DEMETER.


Welcome & Introduction (Grainne Dilleen, Walton Institute)
DEMETER overview & Open Calls (Kevin Doolin, Walton Institute)
The Open Call Challenges & winners (Ramon Alcarria, UPM)

Topic 1: Soil Workability and Humidity Monitoring.
o Waisense Fields (Eduardo Duenas, Metrica6)
o Soily (Tomaz Suklje, Sensedge)
o SoilSignal (Sushma Shankar, Deep Planet)
o W4A – SoilWorkability (Andrea Galante & Federico Longobardi, Primo Principio)

– Topic 2 : Interoperable Geo Tagged Photo App.
o CAP/P (Gunter Zeug, Terranea)

– Topic 3: Isobus Enabler.
o Elliot-Isobus (Alberto Sierra, Elliot Cloud)

– Topic 4: Blockchain-based solutions for agricultural applications.
o Persephone (Pierluigi Gallo, SeedsBit)

– Topic 5: DEMETER Business Process Integration.
o Debbie (Mitch Hancock, i4FS)
o Optiflaxit (Koen Uyttenhove, Hyler)

The next steps (Jorge Lopez, ATOS)
Wrap Up (Grainne Dilleen, Walton)

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