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DEMETER & ATLAS discussed at SmartAgriFood event

DEMETER and our sister project ATLAS were discussed at a recent event in Italy ‘Smart Agrifood: Condivisione e Informazione, Gli Ingredienti per L’Innovazione’ (SmartAgrifood: sharing and information, ingredients for innovation) held on the 5th March 2021. The event presented the results of the research on digital farming in Italy conducted by the Digital Innovation Observatory...

A Knowledge Graph for the Agri-Food Sector

Our colleague Raul Palma from the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) has written a blog post for Metaphacts explaining how Knowledge Graph technology can address data integration challenges in the agri food sector, showcasing it through a few use cases. He describes how he leveraged metaphactory to build a domain-specific application – FOODIE – that...

Interview Series: Dr. Ing. Jaroslav SMEJKAL from LESPROJEKT

In this edition of our interview series, we talk with Dr. Ing. Jaroslav SMEJKAL from LESPROJEKT  who is leading the pilot project 2.3 focusing on Data Brokerage Service and Decision Support System for Farm Management.   Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your organization, and your involvement in the DEMETER project?   My name...