Farmer Interview: Agustina Diaz Valdez, Argentina

WFO Gymnasium Alumna, woman farmer and veterinarian, Agustina is the former President of the Ateneo Sociedad Rural Argentina, the young farmers’ organisation of the WFO member organisation Sociedad Rural Argentina. CAN YOU INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND TELL US ABOUT YOUR FARM? I‘m Agustina, from Argentina. I was born in the south of my country in Rio...

‘The incentives and barriers to farmers’ adoption of digital technologies’

Ambra Raggi, Policy Officer at World Farmers’ Organisation[1] Farmers are called to feed the world while immense pressures weigh on them: a growing world population, the fight against climate change, the urbanization and the loss of agricultural soils are just some of the challenges farmers face. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 adds additional pressure on...