CypruSaves: Interview with Christodoulos Karaolis, Zambartas Wineries

The CypruSaves (Tools for water-saving and field management of Cypriot vineyards) project was one of the five successful pilots chosen to join the DEMETER project as part of Open Call #2 DEPLOY. The CypruSaves project deploys a high value and impactful pilot in Cyprus vineyards (Limassol & Paphos area) employing DEMETER methodologies and technologies aiming...

Interview Series: Nenad Gligoric, DNET

In our interview series, we now move to Pilot Cluster 5, the last of the DEMETER pilot clusters. We catch up with Nenad Gligoric from DNET Labs who is the Pilot Cluster 5 leader. The goal of this cluster is to run pilots across several sectors (fruit, vineyards, cattle, poultry) and to address both supply...

Field equipment deployed for Montenegrin pilot

Finally, as the COVID19 situation is getting better in Montenegro, UDG and Plantaze started deployment of the field equipment for the Montenegrin pilot of H2020 DEMETER. The pilot partners are in the process of installing and configuring the weather station, pheromone insect traps equipped with HD cameras, and sensor nodes for soil moisture monitoring and smart...