IoT technologies, data science and smart farming- OGC session

The agriculture sector is characterized by multiple actors working in different constellations together or side by side. Each one with own interests and different conditions reaching from intensive high yield production to biodiversity and landscape protection, different fruits or animals, and over the various climatic conditions or legal frameworks of nations. Regarding an increasing implementation...
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DEMETER presented at AEF Tech Talk

DEMETER project coordinator, Kevin Doolin, presented at a recent AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) Tech Talk on 5th February. The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) is an independent organization founded on October 28th, 2008 by seven international ag equipment manufacturers and two associations. These Tech Talks are a new educational series organised by the AEF...

DEMETER Technical Update – Thanasis Poulakidas, Integration Manager

We had significant developments on the technical front during the first year of DEMETER. After developing the overall DEMETER reference architecture, the first version of the DEMETER integration platform and tools has now been released. Its main components are: the Stakeholder Open Collaboration Space (SOCS), where farmers, experts and other stakeholders come together to collaborate...