Digital technologies and agricultural data for innovating rural communities

Rural and remote areas are still facing major challenges when it to comes to connectivity solutions. From the rough terrain and lower population density to the cost or difficulty of deployment, these types of locations remain largely unconnected to the internet. In a world in full ecological and digital transition, there is an urgent need...

New publication: Building an interoperable space for smart agriculture

Researchers in DEMETER from the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems, Athens, Greece; Walton Institute, Ireland; University of Murcia, Spain; Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland and Odin Solutions, Spain have recently published a paper ‘Building an interoperable space for smart agriculture’. The paper is available in Digital Communications and Networks One of the main...

New Publication: Quality of Information within Internet of Things Data

Researchers Tomás Alcañiz, Aurora González-Vidal, Alfonso P. Ramallo and Antonio F. Skarmeta of University of Murcia have published a Chapter called ‘Quality of Information within Internet of Things Data’ in ‘Data Integrity and Quality’, edited by Santhosh Kumar Balan.  The work is partly sponsored by DEMETER. A full copy of the chapter is available here...