Trust and Transparency of Data in the agri-food supply chain with OriginTrail

This article is written by Trace Labs – Core developers of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph The increasing complexity of global supply chains, process optimization, strict legislation, growing customer awareness, and demand for food transparency all encouraged the involvement of advanced technologies for greater transparency of agri-food sector supply chains. This includes, among other things,...

DEMETER presented at IEEE 5G and Blockchain Summit

At the IEEE 5G & Blockchain Summit in 2021, Srdjan Krco from DunavNET and Brana Rakic from Origin Trail discuss how blockchain technology and decentralized knowledge graphs are being implemented in DEMETER from farm to fork, across the supply chain. The full presentation is available: From farm to fork, DEMETER style from H2020 DEMETER  

The importance of blockchain technology in digital agriculture

In our latest blog post, Martina Poberaj of OriginTrail discusses the importance of blockchain technology in digital agriculture. OriginTrail is a partner in DEMETER participating in two pilot projects focused on ‘Disease Prediction and Supply Chain Transparency for Orchards/Vineyards’ and ‘Transparent Supply Chain in the Poultry Industry’. In the digital age, consumers and food producers...