SmartAgriHubs: gender equality and smart farming

The raison d’être of SmartAgriHubs is inclusive and exponential Agri-digital community and network building, showcasing Agri-digital innovation which leads to more sustainable and competitive European agriculture. While many achievements are evident, a bit of self-reflection prompted a question: In our quest for inclusiveness and innovation, had we overlooked the obvious?  What about women in agri-tech...
Events News

DEMETER participates in Innoseta Networking Event

The DEMETER coordinator Kevin Doolin participated in the Innoseta – Thematic Network networking event alongside nine other EU projects (FAIRshare, Eureka, IPM works, SmartAgriHubs, SmartChain, Smart Protect, AgriLink and NextFood). The aim of the event was to share objectives, challenges and ideas for improving education in agriculture. The presentations and discussions can be viewed here.  

DEMETER represents EU agri-tech at Brazil-EU Cooperation Conference

An online conference ‘Fostering STI twinning activities between EU and Brazil’ took place on Friday 22nd May. The aim of this conference was to present CT&I projects that are being carried out through cooperation and sectorial dialogue between the European Union and Brazil. The conference brought together scientists and Brazilian and European authorities who are developing...