Horizon of Possibilities – Info Days at UDG

University of Donja Gorica (UDG) organized the ‘Horizon of Possibilities – Info Days at UDG’ event on 12 and 13 April with more than 1,000 visitors in attendance. Main attendees were high school students, their parents, but also the wider social and professional public. UDG invited all those interested to visit, talk with our professors and students, and learn about modern technologies used at UDG, such as the 3D Laboratory, Laboratory for Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology, Entrepreneurial Nest, supercomputing, piloting drones, virtual reality, and more.

DEMETER was presented within the exhibit space, and it had its own stand where visitors were able to talk to our researchers and learn more about project activities and results. Materials for the presentation were prepared by UDG and DunavNET.