H2020 project ATLAS hosting Demonstration Day

ATLAS, the Horizon 2020 project, which aims to develop an open interoperability network for agricultural applications is hosting a Demonstration Day on 24th November 2021. This Demo Day will bring together speakers from the agricultural sector to explore the benefits of data-driven agriculture using the ATLAS Interoperability Network within a multitude of pilot studies. Organised under the title: “Business Opportunities for Innovative Digital Data-Driven Agriculture”, the online event will cast light on agricultural challenges and opportunities to overcome these through digital agriculture.

The event is organised by AZO – Space of Innovation as part of the Horizon2020 ATLAS project. The pilot studies will be presented by the project´s “Innovation Hubs” and first ATLAS Open Call winners, a network of end-users, service providers, researchers, small to midsize enterprises, start-ups, farmers, and policymakers along the agricultural value chain that will showcase their implemented solutions to their regional agricultural challenges. The online event will also offer interactive sessions, including a panel discussion: “Is Data the New Oil?”, where participants will discuss, share their experiences and views, and ask questions. Oscar Garcia of DEMETER will participate in the panel discussion.

Themes explored throughout the sessions will include: Why do we need to have and why do you need to join or engage in this digital data-driven interoperability network in the agricultural sector? How do experts from the different fields respond to the same agricultural hurdles, and how do they interact with interest groups and the public? How do we approach this innovative decentralised interoperability technology? Can this tool bridge the current gaps in the digital agriculture market and become the next solution to your local challenge(s)?

The ATLAS Demo Day will be organised on the DLG Connect platform that opens vast networking possibilities within unlimited time after the event. The full programme is available here and registration is available here