DEMETER presented to Georgian farmers

DEMETER project activities were presented to farmers in Village Ghvlevi, Shida Kart in Georgia in October 2022.

Field training was held with the farmer involved in the DEMETER pilot ‘Disease Prediction and Supply Chain Transparency for Orchards/Vineyards‘. The training was attended by local farmers and organised by the Georgian Farmers’ Association. Within the framework of the meeting, the issues of the capabilities of sensors, pest management of frugivores, spread of ants and pests were discussed. Also, the experience of the financial and qualitative effects of the sensor system related to irrigation was shared with the farmers. The event allowed local farmers to get information about good agricultural practices and modern technologies, which contributes to raising the competitiveness of farmers and increasing their incomes.

Approximately, 25 local apple producers attended alongside local agricultural experts and representatives from the project. The event was beneficial allowing local farmers to learn about the possibilities and advantages of digital solutions and how DEMETER can help to overcome many of the challenges of implementation.