DEMETER presented at Villaggio Coldiretti

“Villaggio Coldiretti” is an exhibition organized by Coldiretti in several Italian towns. During the event, there are several activities and booths, alongside a farmers’ market with farmers from different Italian regions. In one of the booths dedicated to the different activities conducted by Coldiretti, space is given to Research & Innovation activities.

During the event in Milan, the DEMETER project was promoted in the booth dedicated to the R&I activities. These activities are conducted through its research and consultancy company, Ager.  Video content related to DEMETER was presented for three days on the screen available in the booth.

DEMETER at the Villaggio Coldiretti event

The “Villaggio Coldiretti” is attended by a huge number of visitors (around 800K) including citizens, farmers, advisors, institutions, students. Coldiretti have produced a video showcasing the first event which was held in Milan in October 22. DEMETER will be presented at each “Villaggio” but the final dates of the tour for 2022-2024 are not yet confirmed.