DEMETER presented at Greencities event

At the recent Greencities event, DEMETER was presented by Antonio F. Skarmeta of Universidad de Murcia in the FIWARE session focused on ‘Digitalising the Future of Water, 2020’. The objective of the session was to analyse how to overcome pressing challenges  from different perspectives and to understand how to do more with less water in a sustainable manner, using innovation in technology, financing, business models, partnerships and policy as main enablers for society and businesses to make effective change happen.

Antonio presented on ‘Water management at basin and plot level’ and discussed the need to transform the agricultural sector to allow the activity to be more competitive and sustainable using the latest proposals based on IoT and FIWARE. He outlined how DEMETER, among other EU projects, is focusing on the digitalisation of the agrosector and water management.

Antonio presented the DEMETER Agriculture Information Model (AIM) and described one of the pilots within DEMETER which aims to increase the production of irrigated crops whilst saving water and energy.  This is achieved through improving the automation of the irrigation zones through interoperable remote control systems and robust management systems adapted to the conditions required by the irrigated agriculture.  DEMETER Decision Support Systems will help farmers to make use of the data coming from IoT sensors, control systems, satellites and other sources.

The full presentation can be viewed here.