DEMETER Enabler Hub Case Studies

DEMETER Enabler Hub

The DEH is the DEMETER Enabler Hub which is the DEMETER resource catalogue dedicated to DEMETER end-users where they are able to create and register their own resources. Users have two roles to act as DEMETER Provider and/or DEMETER Consumer. A DEMETER Provider is able to offer his/her resources, while DEMETER Consumers can  browse the catalogue and find suitable resources matching their requirements. The resources hosted in the registry can be discovered and made accessible via the web interface, but also via APIs.

To learn more about the DEH we have created a series of case studies from our pilots which demonstrate the DEH in operation.

Pilot 1.1

This pilot aims to optimise the irrigation of arable and woody crops by saving water and the amount of energy required by means of recommendations and improving the automation of irrigation zones.

DEH Case Study – Pilot 1.1

Pilot 4.2

This pilot focuses on implementing an information flow optimization across different actors of the milk supply chain ensuring the transparency of all stages.

DEH Case Study – Pilot 4.2

Pilot 5.4

This pilot enables information sharing about animal wellbeing and resources used during production, thus creating the basis of a transparent supply chain.

DEH Case Study – Pilot 5.4