Decision Enablers & Advisory Support – New White Paper added

DEMETER aims to lead the Digital Transformation of the European Agrifood sector based on the rapid adoption of advanced technologies, such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Decision Support, Benchmarking, Earth Observation, etc., to increase performance in multiple aspects of farming operations, as well as to assure the viability and sustainability of the sector in the long term.

To achieve these objectives, and promote the targeted technological, business, adoption and socio-economic impacts, DEMETER will develop decision support system (DSS) components that will enable the delivery of tailored advisory services to the agricultural sector. These will combine data analytics with AI-based expert system, machine learning and benchmarking techniques to provide precision decision support to the users.

This white paper describes the AI-based analytic functions, benchmarking techniques and performance monitoring tools that serve as building blocks of the DEMETER DSS.

Read the white paper here.