DEMETER Pilot Co-Creation Workshops

Nils Hempelmann, Open Geospatial (OGC) and DEMETER WP5 (Pilot Management) Leader The DEMETER pilots cover a wide spectrum of sub-sectors: arable crops, irrigated crops, fruit production and livestock (poultry, dairy, animal welfare). These pilots are used to demonstrate and evaluate how innovations and extended capabilities benefit from the interoperability mechanisms and integrate with the set...
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DEMETER participates in European agricultural data space workshop

DEMETER recently participated in the recent Common European agricultural data space workshop on Sept 8th 2020.  Organised by the European Commission’s DG CNECT, in cooperation with DG AGRI, the workshop brought together key experts, scientists, IT and data specialists and interested participants working in the agri-food sector. The overall aim was to gather expert views...