Interview Series: Senka Gajinov from DNET

In this edition of our Interview Series, we talk to Senka Gajinov, Product Manager from DNET to learn more about Pilot 4.4 that she is involved in. Can you tell us a bit about your organisation and your involvement in the DEMETER project? DNET Labs is a research and innovation branch of DunavNET group, responsible...

Interview with farmers from Plantaze participating in DEMETER

Milena Peruničić and Katarina Pavićević from ’13. jul Plantaže’, one of biggest and most important producers of grapes, wines and grape brandy in South Eastern Europe, talk to us about their experience in DEMETER. The video in Montenegrin is available below and English subtitles are available by clicking the subtitles/closed captions (CC) option. Milena, can...