User Journey Mapping in DEMETER

In DEMETER, we advocate a multi-actor approach which aims to make innovation fully demand-driven.  As part of this, user journey mapping exercises were conducted by members of the consortium.  Dave Hearne of Walton Institute outlines some of these activities below. To fully understand how all of the different components work together in DEMETER, a user...

DEMETER as an Interoperability platform with support of multiple standards

Arne Berre, SINTEF and DEMETER Standardisation Activity Coordinator One of the key challenges towards the realization of smart farming solutions is related to the lack of interoperability between different systems and platforms in the agri-food sector, especially the ones offered by different technology providers. It is also a concern for farmers that the technology that...

DEMETER Technical Update – Thanasis Poulakidas, Integration Manager

We had significant developments on the technical front during the first year of DEMETER. After developing the overall DEMETER reference architecture, the first version of the DEMETER integration platform and tools has now been released. Its main components are: the Stakeholder Open Collaboration Space (SOCS), where farmers, experts and other stakeholders come together to collaborate...