New publication in Journal of Networking and Network Applications

Researchers in DEMETER from DunavNET, University of Donja Gorica and University of Belgrade have published a paper in the Journal of Networking and Network Applications (2022). The paper is titled, “Qualitative parameter analysis for Botrytis cinerea forecast modelling using IoT sensor networks’. Botrytis cinerea is a fungus that affects many plant species but attacks wine...

Interview with farmer involved in DEMETER pilot

Edvard Shermandini from Georgia explains more about his experience in the DEMETER project.  Edvard is involved in Pilot 5.1 ‘Disease Prediction and Supply Chain Transparency for Orchards/Vineyards’. The pilot focuses on complete farm management in vineyards and orchards, providing pest and disease management tools to optimise pesticide usage and increase crop quality. It is running in Serbia,...