DEMETER expanding the pilots in Montenegro

Researchers from University of Donja Gorica (UDG) and DunavNET (DNET) expanded the vineyard pilots in Montenegro by installing IoT equipment in the Vinarija Cetkovic winery near Podgorica. The equipment includes a weather station, soil moisture sensors and pheromone traps with a camera. All of the measurements were collected with the AgroNET platform. The vineyard is...

The Farmer Perspective – Aleksandar Zeremski

As part of the DEMETER multi-actor approach, its important to speak with the farmers participating in the DEMETER pilots to understand their experiences with the technologies and the project. This time, we speak with Aleksandar Zeremski, a farmer in Serbia, who is participating in the ‘Disease Prediction and Supply Chain transparency for Vineyards‘ pilot. Aleksandar...