Semantic interoperability workshop at SmartAgriHubs Final event

DEMETER has organised a workshop at the SmartAgriHubs final event focused on Semantic interoperability and data sharing in agriculture. The workshop is organised in association with the SmartAgriHubs Regional Cluster UK and Ireland and Regional Cluster, North East Europe. SmartAgriHubs is a €20m, EU project under the Horizon 2020 instrument, and brings together a consortium of well over 164 partners in the European agri-food sector. After 4 years, the project is celebrating its community and its legacy in a 3-day conference from 26 to 28 September in  Lisbon.

The latest advances in technologies like IoT, AI and Big Data, among others, have boosted the adoption of smart farming practices that emphasize the use of ICT in the farm management cycle to exploit the available data. This, however, has led to an explosion of data availability that brings new challenges to be addressed.

Data is usually available in different sources, in different formats, and represented according to different models, thereby hampering data interoperability and integration. Moreover, in some cases, data is not even accessible or shared due to privacy concerns, economic concerns, technical obstacles, or others. The lack of integrated data access, in turn, hinders the full potential of value creation based on all the available data, and the development of smart services and applications supporting the decision-making processes. As a result, different approaches have been proposed during the last years to address those challenges to enable the use and exchange of data between devices and systems and to provide an integrated view over (initially) disconnected and heterogeneous datasets.

The workshop discusses these issues with a range of speakers:

Key topics addressed include the definition of common vocabularies, data spaces, standard APIs, and others. This workshop will discuss such aspects:

  • Semantic interoperability
  • Standard data models
  • Ontologies and vocabularies
  • Agriculture data spaces
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Data Sharing
  • Data integration
  • Standard APIs