DEMETER partners present at IEEE COINS

The 2022 IEEE International Conference on Omni-layer Intelligent Systems (COINS) took place in Barcelona from 1-3 August. IEEE COINS brings together experts in Digital Transformation (from AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Robotics) from around the globe. IEEE COINS includes a multi-disciplinary program from technical research papers, to panels, workshops, and tutorials on the latest technology developments and innovations addressing all important aspects of the IoT & AI ecosystem. Several DEMETER partners participated in the conference.

Researchers at Institute of Communication and Computer System (ICCS) and the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation in Greece presented on ‘Data-Driven and Interoperable Smart Agriculture: An IoT-based Use-Case for Arable Crops“. The abstract reads: The sustainability of the agricultural sector relies on exploiting all technologies available today (and further advancing them), in order to decrease the costs and the environmental impact, maintaining yields at the same time. DEMETER is a Horizon 2020 project that aspires to empower farmers to better exploit their existing operational context and create new business models through smart data sharing in the agricultural sector, in an interoperable, reusable, and safe manner. This paper presents a specific use-case that uses the facilities developed in order to optimize rice and maize irrigation and fertilization management processes. It provides an overview of the project’s objectives and concepts and then describes the various modules of the specific use-case and how they cooperate to establish suitable decision support mechanisms. Finally, it elaborates on how the development of other similar services reusing the individual building blocks, in an interoperable and vendor-neutral manner, is facilitated.

Researchers at Tecnalia presented on “A practical approach to cross-agri-domain interoperability and integration” The abstract reads:  In this paper we describe the process for making sensors and IoT devices interoperable with existing agri-solutions, and to federate data and services between two agricultural smart platforms, more precisely the AFarCloud and DEMETER solutions. This approach is in line with EU data-driven strategy and GAIA-X’s federation strategy. Finally, we present the use case where this process has been tested and validated, i.e. Kotipelto farm, a dairy farm located in Ylivieska (Finland).

Finally, researchers at PSNC, WODR and Institute of Plant Protection National Research Institute participated in the conference proceedings on ‘Leveraging IoT solutions as a base for development of the agriculture advisory services‘. The abstract reads: Plant protection is one of the key factors determining the quality of agricultural production. In this paper, we present the results regarding the implementation and deployment of the Polish decision support system (DSS) for integrated plant protection, as part of the large scale national project called eDwin. At the core of the DSS is an IoT network of agro-meteorological stations deployed across the whole Poland. Additionally, the DSS leverages a set of automatic phenological observation stations that are deployed in selected experimental fields. After the deployment and validation of several pest prediction models, the DSS currently allows Polish farmers and advisors to access and use 20 models related to the main cultivations in Poland. Moreover, a digital platform for the farmers and advisors has been designed and developed, providing four e-services, complemented with interoperable mechanisms and APIs.

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