Addressing Topic 1: Soil workability and humidity monitoring.

Multilevel and multiplatform solution for water/humidity control and monitoring.

Metrica6 creates a cyberphysical solution for water efficiency in green spaces applied to the smart city and smart agro environments.

Website: https://www.metrica6.xyz/


Project Description

Metrica6 aims at the creation of a multilevel and multiplatform approach for soil workability and soil humidity monitoring using a new development for WAISENSE technology, the internationally patented solution from Metrica6 for water and energy efficiency:

  • Introducing new information models allowing data sharing and interoperability across multiple IoT devices and associated technologies (hardware modules, platform/app, satellite, online databases, etc.)
  • Helping to build knowledge exchange mechanisms; as other partners can include our solution in their implementations for their own customers using our DEMETER platform integration.
  • Empowering the value of data and data-sharing for the producers. Using WAISENSE MOBILE and DEMETER’s platform, the decisions/actions taken and performances of their farms can help (anonymously) other producers to anticipate results in their own plantations.
  • Establishing a benchmarking mechanism for agricultural solutions, including WAISENSE FIELDS within DEMETER’s and other partners’ portfolio, increasing business and environmental impact across Europe.
  • Acquiring the responsibility of ensuring that our solution is suitable for the customers’ needs. That’s why we offer technical and commercial assistance and training for them and for our partners and stakeholders.
  • Demonstrating the impact of the digital innovations across several sectors. WAISENSE FIELDS also applies to construction, irrigation in smart city and other public/private green spaces, insurance market, etc. All data from performances, measurements, states of each device and user, and much more information will be processed and accessible for users and stakeholders, hence, directly relating the impact of our innovation with the data procured.

Metrica6 has the resources to reshape our WAISENSE technology and integrate it within DEMETER platform, ensuring interoperability for other national and international customers and partners to work with it.

About the Team

Metrica6 is formed by 13 professionals, whose profile is accessible via our website. As for WAISENSE FIELDS project, there are mainly 4 members dedicated to it: Eduardo Dueñas, Marcos Ortega, Manuel Talavera and José Manuel Díaz.

Eduardo Dueñas (Founder and CEO)
Master Industrial Engineer, enjoying technology and marketing for over a decade of experience.
Marcos Ortega (CTO)
Electronic Engineer with +15 years of expertise in R&D and product development.
Manuel Talavera
Telco Engineer, with +3 years of experience in electronics and communication devices.
José Manuel Díaz
Industrial Engineer with +15 years of experience in prototyping, manufacturing and QA.

SME Information


Metrica6 is an R&D specialised in the development and commercialization of eco-efficient solutions for the smart city and smart agro sectors, creators of patented innovations and supporting third parties in the generation of their own solutions.

Website: https://www.metrica6.xyz/

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