Addressing Topic 1: Soil Workability and Humidity Monitoring.


WiForAgri SOIL-WORKABILITY DSS is a suite of modelling tools developed as Web-Services and offered to final users as SaaS.

Website: www.wiforagri.com


Project Description

WiForAgri DSS SOIL-WORKABILITY is a data-driven service for smart agriculture. It is a suite of DSS tools offered to customers as SaaS; it can integrate its own IoT WSN and/or third-part sensors and weather data. The proposed DSS is able to predict both soil trafficability (the ability of the soil to support and withstand a tractor traffic load) and soil workability (mainly the ability to properly plow the soil). The DSS is so able to suggest and predict if/when:

  • is possible to enter a field with a tractor without causing soil compaction;
  • is possible to plow without causing the formation of coarse fragments or clods aggregates – depauperation of soil structure;
  • is possible but not recommended to perform phytosanitary treatments and fertilization because of present and next-future soil and crop critical conditions.

Benefits for farmers achieved by WiForAgri DSS SOIL-WORKABILITY:

  • reduction of time and fuel;
  • minimize soil compaction;
  • avoid coarse fragments or clods aggregates;
  • increase in the life time of machinery and reducing maintenance costs;
  • improving efficiency of pesticide and nutrient application;
  • reduction environmental impact (Co2, useless spraying because of washout, deep drainage of nutrients).

All DSS functionalities are allowed by a set of agronomic and mathematics sub-models, implemented by WiForAgri web-services, which together are able to model the soil humidity taking into account all the following parameters: soil type; crop type and stage; min, max and avg daily temperature, average daily wind speed, soil moisture, minimum daily relative humidity, total daily rainfall, eventual irrigation events.

The proposed DSS integrates 3 different approaches focused on soil humidity monitoring: measurement, estimation, predict. The proposed WiForAgri DSS is composed of a set of 4 data-driven simulation models (soil water-balance, soil humidity, trafficability and workability, advanced workability) that work together to turn input data into operative indications and tangible value for farmers.

About the Team

Andrea Galante
Sociologist specialized in Project and Innovation Management
Federico Longobardi
Telecommunication Engineer specialized in IoT / Smart Agriculture
Cristian Baldinu
Web Developer specialized in Smart Agriculture DSS
Marco Sguazzin
Agronomist and DSS Models Designer
Alessandro Campus
IoT Technician and System Integrator

SME Information

Primo Principio S.c.a.r.l.

Principio is a SME focused on R&D&I activities in Smart Agriculture. It designed and powered its own technological solutions. WiForAgri.com is a turn-key solution composed of a field sensor-network and a DSS web-software including many value-added services: forecast models for the defense against pests, water management and fertilization optimization.

Website: www.wiforagri.com


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