Addressing Topic 1: Soil Workability and Humidity Monitoring.

Soil moisture monitoring

Providing and integrating easy-to-use soil moisture sensors to improve workability of soil and reduce irrigation costs



Project Description

Sensedge is developing sustainable and innovative IoT solutions. Our products, Senstick and Watersense, enable customization of sensor functionality at scale. The overall goal of the SOILY project idea is to adapt and implement our existing pilot Senstick soil moisture sensor in Agro-business – that includes the use of Senstick in real-life environments and integration according to core open standards in the agri-food domain.

The Senstick soil moisture solution has been tested in a controlled environment and not yet deployed in the operational environment (TRL6). As part of the SOILY project it will be further stabilized and deployed and tested as part of the PoC in the real environment. Apart from integrating with the DEMETER’s platform the upgraded Senstick soil moisture sensor will enable to share data with the initiative, an open sensor platform for sharing and monitoring air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure, established by SENSEDGE. Furthermore, the aforementioned integration will also enable DEMETER to connect to SENSEDGE’s middleware, developed within the H2020 smart city project VARCITES (8 pilot sites across Europe, from Malta to Norway), to enable cross-sectorial knowledge exchange

About the Team

Tomaz Suklje
Experienced entrepreneur with strong background in energy efficiency, manufacturing processes and experimental methods.
Luka Mali
Experienced entrepreneur and lecturer with 15+ years’ experience in IoT, development and productization of electronics.

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Sensedge develops innovative and sustainable IoT solutions.


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