Addressing Topic 1: Soil Workability and Humidity Monitoring.

Predicting soil moisture for soil workability.

Innovative decision management tool using Earth Observation satellite data, IOT sensors and machine learning/AI to detect and predict soil moisture and provide recommendations to farmers ahead of time.



Project Description

Soil moisture is the main limitation for soil readiness for operation and prediction of soil workability. Early knowledge of soil moisture allows better crop management, improving farm productivity and yield.

Deep Planet, is an Agri-tech startup from University of Oxford and supported by the European Space Agency. Our team from Oxford has 20 years of experience in machine learning and computer vision and delivering practical solutions to farmers.

Our technology enables farmers to check soil readiness remotely and save time on unnecessary trips reducing costs (tractor runs, manual labour) and environmental impact (soil compaction).

Our goal is to deliver an 100% DEMETER Hub interoperable, customizable tool that provides recommendations ahead of time to help farmers make decisions on saving costs or increasing yield.

About the Team

Sushma Shankar
Project Leader - Deep Planet CEO, 15 years of industry experience in deploying deep tech solutions.
Natalia Efremova
Technical Project Manager - Deep Planet CTO, 20 years of AI and computer vision, research fellow at University of Oxford
Rebecca McFadden
Machine learning researcher at Deep Planet
Aleksei Unagaev
GIS Scientist at Deep Planet
Donat Peter
Full stack developer at Deep Planet

SME Information

Deep Planet

Oxford deep tech company helping winemakers and grape growers improve yield and lower vineyard management costs


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