Addressing Topic 4: Blockchain-based solutions for agricultural applications.

Permissioned SeedsBit Traceability Platform Integration from Field to HoReCa with Ontology Extension.

PerSePHOnE is a system that guarantees the quality and validity of data and integrates DEMETER providing a clear track of events together with the reason why they occurred, includes tracking and tracing abilities for products and transformation processes.



Project Description

PerSePHOnE aims at integrating blockchain functionalities of the SeedsBit traceability platform into the mother project DEMETER including smart contracts. SeedsBit is the platform offered by SEEDS s.r.l., an academic spin-off of the University of Palermo and innovative startup according to the Italian law. From the SNAPPlab at the University of Palermo SEEDS inherits the experience of using blockchain technology in multiple projects on traceability of olive oil, liquorice, and citrus fruits, and leverages the academic research on Cybersecurity. As a business company, it provides commercial solutions and innovative services, providing technology transfer and commercial solutions to customers and enterprises.

PerSePHOnE innovation derives from SeedsBit platform: its traceability spans from field to HoReCa, works with multiple supply chains in parallel and uses various blockchain platforms. SeedsBit innovation to the HoReCa and traceability in the restaurant is patent-pending and can be used as an optional element to include in PerSePHOnE on demand. PerSePHOnE integration will be beneficial both for the DEMETER consortium (because of SeedsBit enterprise-level blockchain services) and for SeedsBit (having the opportunity to join the European-wide DEMETER infrastructure). SeedsBit includes integration by design; it offers APIs to work with third parties software, and therefore the integration with DEMETER is simplified, feasible, and cost-effective. Furthermore, SeedsBit natively supports a semantic layer modelled with owl ontologies.

PerSePHOnE will integrate two services related to agri-food, Document and Traceability and the corresponding smart contracts. SeedsBit Document is an attestation service for all digital and paper documentation that is related to agri-food process and cannot be included, otherwise, in the blockchain. SeedsBit Document is particularly relevant where farmers’ workflows are not fully digital or where other kinds of document enter into the scene (e.g. isotopic, genetic, organoleptic analysis), from laboratories that are not yet blockchain-ready.

About the Team

Pierluigi Gallo
SEEDS CEO – Professor at Univeristy of Palermo
Mirko Avantaggiato
Designer / Developer at SEEDS
Maria Timoshina
Quality assurance at SEEDS
Giovanni Capizzi
Developer at SEEDS
Francesco Cannizzaro
Developer at SEEDS
Antonino Li Volsi
Extenal Accountancy Services

SME Information

SEEDS s.r.l.

Tech startup and academic spin-off of University of Palermo focusing on distributed technologies and technology transfer.



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