Addressing Topic 3: Isobus Enabler.


Creation of a gateway software component using the ISOBUS plug-in complement.

Website: https://elliotcloud.com/


Project Description

The agricultural sector is faced with several challenges from climate change to water scarcity. Technology is providing an unprecedented opportunity to improve yields and mitigate some of the losses associated with the various challenges in this sector. Adoption of technology is increasing due to the tremendous value technology brings to farmers.

Interoperability is one of the key challenges in agriculture, where interconnection between heterogeneous hardware and software systems plays a key role. ELLIOT-ISOBUS project sets out a solution for this challenge as it will enable interoperability between different agriculture hardware, tools, and systems using ISOBUS protocol.

This proposal addresses the 3rd Challenge “ISOBUS ENABLER”, being the main objective of the project to create a gateway software component, to improve and increase the interoperability between heterogeneous hardware and software systems used in the agri-food domain. This selection is justified by the technology expertise of the ElliotCloud team and by the main features of its solution (Opensource IoT middleware) that is easily scalable, can be modified and expanded and is quickly implemented. ElliotCloud is in TRL7 as its flexibility and capacity to be adapted has been successfully proven in previous pilots.

ELLIOT-ISOBUS will have notable impacts in the way farmers work in the fields, as it will increase their efficiency and effectiveness, generating savings thanks to the optimization of the resources. The use of this technology will also have impact on the environment, as for instance, it will prevent misuse of machinery for long periods of time.

ELLIOT-ISOBUS will be executed by ElliotCloud, a Spanish startup established in October 2020. ElliotCloud is born as the company to develop and commercially exploit a software IoT Low-Code platform which has been created thanks to earlier R&D projects in the fields of IoT and data analytics by its mother company (BOSONIT) during the past years.

About the Team

Mr. Óscar Ruiz Chicote.
He is an IoT engineer and currently he is the Chief Operating Officer of Elliot Cloud.
Mr. José Díaz de Greñu.
He is currently working at Elliot Cloud as technical manager, and he is specialized in FIWARE technologies.
Mr. Fernando Merino Villagrán.
He is currently working at Elliot Cloud as full-stack developer and IoT R&D engineer.
Mr. Andrés Sáenz Maestro.
He currently works at Elliot Cloud as DevOps and System administrator.
Mr. Luis Garijo Gutiérrez
He studied telecommunications technologies at Public University of Navarra and currently works at Elliot Cloud as IoT enfineer.

SME Information

Elliot Cloud SL

Elliot Cloud specializes in IoT and advanced analytics, combined with emerging technologies.

Website: https://elliotcloud.com/


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