Addressing Topic 5: DEMETER Business Process Integration.

DEBBIE Business Process Management Tool.

DEBBIE integrates a BPM tool with a visual analytics component into farm management activities.



Project Description

Business process management (BPM) is a fundamental part of any business digitisation and especially automation. Farm management is not the exception.

DEBBIE provides the i4FS BPM tool, developed as part of the ZDMP H2020 project. It addresses visual analytics, workforce optimization, operation efficiency, and resource usage can extend the benefits of BPM insolation focusing on farm management activities within DEMETER. DEBBIE uses BPMN2.0 standard for visual process notation and REST APIs for service orchestration, making it simple to interoperate with other technologies and data flows.

The final outcomes of DEBBIE:

  • A secure BPM tool integrated with DEMETER architecture and with a selected business processes from the DEMETER framework
  • A maintenance service plan including product updates for DEMETER project lifetime
  • TRL8

The expected benefits for farmers are:

  • Real-time process integration that enables and helps automate production processes, work order definitions, and product shipping plans
  • Visual analytics that show workforce utilisation, operation efficiency, and resource usage

DEBBIE contributes directly to the following DEMETER objectives:

  • Build Knowledge exchange mechanisms, delivering an Interoperability Space for the agri-food domain, presenting technologies and data from different vendors, ensuring their interoperability, and using (and enhancing) a core set of open standards (adopted across all agri-food deployments thereby) coupled with carefully-planned security and privacy protection mechanisms (also addressing business confidentiality). With DEBBIE, users can specify how data, information, and knowledge flow from one place to another. DEBBIE uses BPMN2.0 which lowers interoperability barriers and establishes secure communications using open standards (OpenID, KeyCloak)
  • Reverse the relationship with suppliers through an innovative model in which suppliers are responsible for ensuring that a final solution is optimal to the farmer’s existing context and expressed needs. With DEBBIE process executions are transparent for all actors involved, thus directly influencing how suppliers see their role from a farmer’s point of view.

About the Team

Tonny Velin
An entrepreneur in IT business with strong background in International Cooperation.
Mitchell Hancock
An intermediate software developer

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